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We have specialized in integrating Magento and Dynamics ERP systems. We offer one of the best and most tested solutions on the market. Our integration works without adding any changes to your existing Finance system.

We are specialists in data flow between Magento2 and ERP solutions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

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Dynamics Nav / Navision

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Uniconta ERP integration

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" We help lift the bottom line by saving your company hours of manual work"

Latest cases

Flight Cases - 365 Business Central integration to B2C
Nuran - 365 Business Central integration to B2C & B2B
KH-Technic - Uniconta ERP integrated with a b2b Magento 2 webshop
Canett Furniture - NAV ERP integrated with a b2b Magento 2 webshop
Norlys - Denmarks largest tele and energy provider
Danefæ - TRIMIT NAV integration with Magento 2 b2c webshop
Arcane Tinmen - A Magento 2 B2B solution integrated with NAV
Dansk Transport Emballage - Integrating NAV with Magento 2 for b2b/b2c
Bilka / Debel A/S

Dynamics partners

Integration between Magento 2 and Dynamic 365 BC

Integrating with best practice from experience

This can surely be named as being our main focus. Its a growing trend for B2B companies to either migrate to 365 BC or upgrade an older to the newest. 

Most of these companies gaze towards a future of digital assets being apart of the daily operations – e.g ecommerce for B2B. 

Most companies discover that the same data is used in every digital touchpoint – which leads to the conclusion that there must be some sort of dataflow that integrates from Dynamics 365 BC and ecommerce platform. 

Our focus is integrating Magento and Dynamics 365 BC – find out more about our integration here!

Our first integration was built in the end of 2013 for the Danish company Kahler Design A/S – in co-operation with NAV development team from Skanderby A/S. This case was the startingpoint which led to being our main focus. 

All the findings that we have done so far can be viewed here – what we call “The ultimate guide for an Magento 2 and ERP integration project” Which currently is written in Danish and will be available in english.

Its a guide that is based completly on our experince from almost every project that we have done so far. 

Helping companies implement the right dataflow

Want us to qoute your next integration project?

It doesnt really matter who you are – our goal is to ultimately to help a company with integrating their ERP solution to Magento 2. 

This implies that if its a direct contact or through another company – thats no issue. 

We deliver integration qoutes for the following: 

1. Agencies that works with Magento 2

2. ERP solution partners that wants to implement the integration for their customer. 

3. Consultants that works with either Magento 2, Marketing or freelance ERP technician. 

Everyone is welcomed to contact us regarding ERP integration with Magento 2 – contact  

You can get a free qoute on your integration project if you have the following: 

1. You have done your research and have listed your specs for the dataflow. 

2. You have been in contact with your ERP solution partner and want to build a specification list for the future dataflow. 

3. You have no clue where to start – you need to start from scratch! 

No matter in what situaion youre in – contact us by writing to or just go to the contact us page – qoutes are free! 

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